Studio of Márton Barabás

“By the beginning of the 80s (my) programme, a couple of lines long, was ready: a discarded, unusable piano, incorporated into a picture or sculpture, has another chance to be a tool for art. With a few interruptions, my carieer has been the story of my relationship with the piano…” (Márton Barabás)

A continual fundamental question of Márton Barabás’ s nearly four decades of work is the attempt to loosening of the borders between genres. His formal experiments have been defined by his painting and sculpturel relationship to space. His art is not figurative art, it dispenses with all forms of narrative, yet an indisputable caracteristic is a kind of philosopical mysticism in its approach. At the origin point of his art lies the breaking up of objects (pianos, rejected books), symbolic in terms of cultural memory but old, worn and useless in terms of individual existence. Barabás has made his aim a certain level of recycling of culture, arranging the fragments revealed in a new context, he creates a new meaning and a new aesthetic value.

(Noémi Szabó: Márton Barabás, Hungart Egyesület, 2011)

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