Best Experimental Short Film Award


Typescript won Best Experimental Short Film Award at Salair International Independent Film Festival

Awards are given in the following categories:
Best Foreign Short Film -Mirza Ekinovic “I feel great”
Best Drama Short Film – Gary Winstead “The Pony No One Couild Ride”
Best Comedy Short Film- Jeffrey Davis “Bagels & Roles”
Best Animation Short Film – JungHo Bang “Products”
Best Horror Short Film -Iván Sáinz-Pardo “SAVE”
Best Experimental Short Film – Dénes Ruzsa “Typescript”
Best Documentary Short Film – Rafiqfuad Yarahmadi “Life on Water”
Best Student Short Film -Paulina Wyrt “FURY”
Best Music Video – Maria Aliaga “Mexican Flamenco”
Best Children’s movie – Alexis Chaviaras “Agrinoui ”
Best film city – Stefano Bertelli “Acid space”
Best cartoon for residents of Russia – Marat Narimanov ” Enlightenment”
Best cartoon for all other countries (except Russia) – Heaven Kid “Time-Space Door”
Best One minute film – Vjosana Shkurti “Neighbours”
Best One shot film – Philip Bengtsson “Ashes left after the fire”
BestvMUSIC VIDEO or MUSICAL (15-minutes or less, produced in the U.S.) – Margaret Orr “HARMONY”

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