(2012, 02’53”)

Fragments of melting. What was frozen earlier become liquid; dissolve.

One day in winter as I stepped out of the door I noticed that huge icicles were hanging down from the eaves. Such beautiful and amazing forms I had never seen before. They heralded in spring, the revival of nature. Melting is an amazing phenomenon of nature. But we must realize that melting is not everywhere a joyful event. Melting in the arctic ice is by no means the revival of nature.

Polar ice is melting faster than scientists thought. Many scientists say that at the end of this decade or even sooner the ice will melt away entirely each summer.

Unfortunately nowadays it is not too difficult to find negative topics. We have a lot of problems that we can see around us. In this rushing world we forget what is really important. Making this film was a good opportunity for me to think about what I can and should do for the environment.


Directed and Photographed by Dénes Ruzsa

Animated by Fruzsina Spitzer

Music by Gábor Nagysolymosi

Music Producer Kornél Kovács

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