1 Blue Pixel (experimental animated film, 2018, 8 min)

video by Dénes Ruzsa, Fruzsina Spitzer
music by Gábor Nagysolymosi

The video was inspired by a historic photo made by Voyager-1 spacecraft in 1990. The spacecraft was 6 billion kilometers away from Earth. The title of the photo is Pale Blue Dot. The size of the Earth is less than one pixel. Just a tiny blue dot in the black infinity.

Pixel is a starting point (a smallest addressable element and fundamental element of digital creative work), and a point that contains everything (the place where everything ever happened to humanity).


Man is floating on the edge of the macro and the micro world. Martin Rees astronomer says ”We straddle the cosmos and the microworld – intermediate in size between the Sun, at the billion metres in diameter, and a molecule at a billionth of a metre. It is actually no coincidence that nature attains its maximum complexity on this intermediate scale: anything larger, if it were on habitable planet, would be vulnerable to breakage or crushing by gravity.” That is why man tries to uncover the rules of the micro world behind the macro world. As Niels Bohr described “When it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry”.

Each frame of the animation was made or reproduced with a flatbed scanner.

Ruzsa Dénes és Spitzer Fruzsina honlapja