Cosmic Chess (animation, 2016, 10 min)

Although the human being is an integral part of the universe, it is primarily attached to its planet. The atmosphere and the magnetic field of the earth are needed to protect humans, for without protection our body cannot survive. Like on a chess board, we can only move in time and space according to the rules of the game. But we believe that there is a ‘see-through door’ that allows us to read history, discover where we come from and where we are going to.
In addition, our perceptions are also influenced by the observed reality. Observed reality depends on the observer.Views from the real world are made from the interfusion of the centuries-spanning beliefs and actual scientific observation.

We adapted the point of view of a well-known photo tehnique, ‘photogram’ and the xerox art, copy art into digital moving image form. Each frame in the animation was made or reproduced with a flatbed scanner or with the combination of scanner and projector.
The pictorial world and the visual components of this animation is partly from object existing in the real world, and from disembodied, immaterial scanned pixels. The combination of analog and digital technology is created by expanding the scanner goal oriented programs and by inserting additional tools. With the simultaneous use of camera and the copy machine
images from outside world can be redefined, the pictures of the universe can be created. At some point the glass surfaces of the scanner is working as like a montage table. From the essential techniques of the xerox art, copy generation and copy the motion is an integral part of the film. With the help of copy motion tehnique time become pictorial. Due to copy generation the error signals became generated structures, shapes and unpredictable amounts of dynamic microcosmos will come along.

Cosmic Chess 1

Cosmic Chess 2

Cosmic Chess 3

Cosmic Chess 8

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