Pseudo 40, Pauer 70

(Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2011)

Pseudo 40 Pauer 70 – on the occasion of this double anniversary the Hungarian Academy of Sciences realised an exhibition. What does pseudo art real mean? The film wants to get answer for this question with artworks of Gyula Pauer.

Second Pseudo Manifest:

Pseudo: spurious. Pseudo: false Pseudo: not real.
Pseudo: it seems real.
Uncertainty is over.
Learn what Pseudo really is and you’ll never get embarrassed or confused in the company of learned people, for pseudo is the the very essence of being modern, it is the secret of self assurance.You are unimaginable without pseudo.
With the help of pseudo you can get a playful insight into the deepest problems of our age.
Pseudo is an artistic approach.

Allow me three questions, and you will take pseudo’s side:
Artwork which is manipulated, is it still a work of art?
Art which creates untruthful works, is it still art?
What kind of life is the one that does not create art?
Do not rack your brain. Pseudo will give you the answers.
Manipulated artwork can still be artwork if it admits to being pseudo.
Manipulated art can still be art if it admits to being pseudo.
Life which creates pseudoart can still be rescued, can still be rescued …

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