Biosphere Series

The Biosphere 2 project was an experiment in the state of Arizona, the terrestrial biosphere was copied. They modeled the American landscape. They wanted to achieve a completely self-sufficient system. The experiment failed, all the insects died, the oxygen disappeared drastically, so it had to be refill from the outside. The lesson learned from the experiment is that humanity is not yet able to create a self-sustaining biosphere.

This fact has also highlighted the importance of biodiversity, all living creatures are interdependent, and if the balance that has developed over millions of years crashes over, it will affect our entire planet.
Many scientists say that man-made climate change could make a major contribution to pandemics. We need to take the current pandemic as a warning, the over-exploitation of the Earth, the destruction of natural habitats, overconsumption cannot be sustained without serious losses.

As the Biosphere Experiment has shown, we would not be able to create an independent ecosystem.

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