Videobardo Film Festival 2018


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Videobardo Film Festival (21-26 November 2018)

VideoBardo International Videopoetry Festival (founded in 1996) which will be realizated throughout 2018 in different cities and venues around the world and at a CENTRAL WEEK in Buenos Aires, Argentina; on dates to be defined.
We understand as Videopoetry to those audiovisual works in that the poetic verbal language (word, letter, speech, writing, sign) has a leading role or a special transforming treatment. Therefore the three fields: Image in movement, Sound, and Verbal language are in a dialogue to create a fourth reality that is the Videopoetic Work. Then the verbal language in video poetry is experienced in its meanings by visual, sound, corporal and physical dimensions.

Detailed program: https://videobardo2018/videopoesia

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